December 11, 2005

Beverley Hughes wants to bar-code your kids

The Jesuits are supposed to have a saying "give us a boy for 5 years and we will have the man for life". Perhaps taking leaf out of the book of Education Minister, and Opus Dei supporter, Ruth Kelly Beverley Hughes has decided to get them young (before they can object) for tagging with ">New Labour's ID Cards. Since they need a scare story and the terrorism canard isn't exactly going to work with little kiddies they have decided to resurrect the old child abuse tale.
If the government has this national database of children and is able to track them around the country, that still won't tell police and social services if they are being abused. Are they going to go make random checks on people? Will the computer churn out the names of children to have surprise visits from social workers? OK, local authorities need to keep records on children who are at risk and it would be useful for them to share the data when children move. That is still not a reason to put every child in the country onto a database.
Of course the real purpose is control, attempting to implement their ID Card system by the back door.

Speaking of the back door look who is forcing there way through it now. The council is coming to tax you on your view. As Tim Worstall says
Time was, with exceptions for the hot pursuit of criminals, firemen and the like, an Englishman’s home was his castle. Other than Customs and Excise (something I was never too keen on) everyone else needed a warrant to demand entry. There had to be a prima facie case, argued before a magistrate, before they, whoever they were, could insist on entering your property.
However this was before New Labour came to power. Now we have
Valuation inspectors, using a new £45 million computer system, are undertaking this massive exercise in England. They have also been equipped with 2,126 digital cameras at a cost of £438,749 to the taxpayer.

Parliamentary answers given by Hazel Blears, the Home Office minister, show that anybody who refuses to let inspectors in could face a criminal charge.
Burn in hell bitch queen.


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